(updated September 2010)

 Tiziana Colusso is an Italian poet, writer, journalist. She studied Comparative Literature in the Universities of Rome and Paris (Paris-Sorbonne); her main interests are the dialogue between languages and cultures, nature protection and ethics. She practise from 2006 Taoist Tai Chi, and from many years is studying and practicing Buddhist teachings.

In charge for International Projects for Sindacato Nazionale Scrittori from 2001,  she is also from 2005 an elected member of the Board of the EUROPEAN WRITERS’ COUNCIL, the Federation of  Authors Associations of all European countries, based in Brussels. She is the Editor of the International Literary Magazine FORMAFLUENS (www.formafluens.net) and she contributes also to other Reviews and Magazines, both printed and online.  She published writings of narrative, poetry, stories and fairy tales.

Among her books: La lingua langue (poetry translated into Arabic, Bengali, Bulgarian, Danish, English, French, Japanese, Latvian, Romanian, Slovak, Spanish, Ukrainian) Ass.Eurolinguistica-Sud 2009 and 2010 : Il sanscrito del corpo (The Body’ Sanskrit), poetry); Fermenti editrice, Rome 2007; Italiano per straniati ('Italian for the Estranged', poetry,  Fabio D'ambrosio editore, Milan, 2004); Né lisci né impeccabili,  ('Neither Smooth nor Impeccable', short stories, Arlem, Rome 2000), Mida au périperique est, ed.Brandes, Belgium) ; La criminale sono io – ciò che è stato torna a scorrere ('I am the Criminal - What Has Been Flows Again', novel, Arlem 2002). Il Paese delle Orme ('The Land of Fading prints', fairy tale, Edizioni Interculturali 1999).  Le avventure di Gismondo, mago trasformamondo ('The Adventures of Gismondo, World-transforming Magician', musical fairy tale, Edizioni Musicali, Rome, 1998).; La terza riva del fiume ('The Third Bank of the River', fantasy short story, Edizioni Impronte degli Uccelli, Rome, 2003). She has contributed to several anthologies, both in poetry and prose.

AWARDS AND PRIZES. The Ambassador's Medal and Diploma, awarded by the Slovakian Embassy in Rome for her contribution to the diffusion of Slovak culture in Italy (May 2005). LITERARY PRIZES: Prize MINTURNAE for poetry (January 2009); the City of Modena Literary Prize (1989). Feronia Prize finalist (2002 and 2007). In 2007 she was awarded as a finalist at Premio Tassoni (Modena) and Premio Lorenzo Montano (Verona).


Invited as a writer to the Salon du Livre held in Luxembourg as part of the 20ème Festival des migrations, des cultures et de la citoyenneté (14-16 March 2003).

Invited by the Institut Libre Marie Haps of Brussels Free University to chair a seminar regarding the translation of some of her texts, and to hold a conference on contemporary Italian literature (May 2005).

Invited in the Poetry Festival Cap à l’Est, Banska Stiavnica (Slovakia), editions of august 2006 and august 2007; in Bengali Poetry Festival (Calcutta, India January 2009), an International Writers Meeting in Sofia and in other international meetings and Festivals.


She was granted for various Writers Residences and Scholarships: in the Baltic Centre for Writers and Translators (Sweden) in 2006; Ventspils International Writers’ and Translators House (Latvia) (2008); El Gouna International Writers Residency (Egypt, May 2010); Danish Centre for Writers and Translators (Denmark, Hald Hovedgaard, August 2010).